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Warriors: Praise the winds of chance that blew,

Xena back where friends are true,

we would fight to death for you,

brave Xena.

When your mighty chakram arcs,

throwing fierce magnetic sparks,

no one ever hits her marks,

like Xena.

Fame for prowess with a sword,

who´s as feared and as adored,

you´ve not lived till you´ve been gored,

by Xena.


Warrior 1: You´re the Warrior Princess

who´s as strong as an oak.


Warrior 2: You´ve got eyes than can tear out

the heart of a bloke.


Warrior 3: With one look you can wilt a flower.


Warrior 4: Curdle milk or make men cower.


All warriors: Welcome home, Xena, welcome home.


Ares: You... are the most divine, delicious warrior.

A man can´t help saluting your return.

And if you start my heart

it´s just the way you slash and burn.

Bewitching woman, straining at the armor plate.

You singe me with the ardor you inflame.

And in my carnal heart

there´s not a sorry shred of shame.


All warriors: You and me love war.

Doesn´t matter what it´s for.

Pandemonium reigns and we´re bludgeoning brains.

Give us war, war, war,

Keep it down to a roar.


Warrior 5: Words of wisdom Ares said.


Ares: When in battle keep your head.


All warriors: Warriors love war, war, war.


Villagers: O´er the bridge of tears she´s crossed

and she´s paid a fearful cost,

her blood innocence is lost, Gabrielle.

Now the past has set her free,

and she´s traveled home to be,

with her old friends you and me, Gabrielle.


Villager 1: You´ve been plucked out from

the heart of our lives for so long.


Villager 2: Now we´re grateful

you´ve come back to the place you belong.


Villager 3: For what ails the panacea.


Villager 4: Surely waits in Poteidia.


All villagers: Welcome home, Gabrielle, welcome home.


Lila: Villains, fools and kings

have made their mark on you,

leave their easy evil in the dust.

If your child had lived

we´d surely make her welcome too.


All villagers: You and me love peace,

with the ducks and goats and geese.

While the hours away baking bread, pitching hay.

We love peace, peace, peace,

simply joys that never cease.


Villager 1: Nothing changes but the time.


Small group of villagers: We don´t even change our mind.


All villagers: Villagers, love peace, peace, peace.


Ares: Pulverizing foes requires strategy.

There´s no mortal born who meets you skill.

Xena join my vision, don´t deny your destiny.


All warriors: You and me love war,

doesn´t matter what it´s for.


Warrior 6: Chop the tree down, burn the root.


Ares: Vengeance can be such a hoot.


All warriors: Warriors love war, war, war.


Lila: Xena was no friend, she worked to twist your mind,

though you tried to change her deadly ways.

Take the scythe - it´s just a case of killing to be kind.


All villagers: You and me love peace,

with the ducks and goats and geese.


Lila: Sit and watch the world go by.


Villager couple: Vegetate until you die.


All villagers: Villagers love peace, peace, peace.


Warriors: We love war.


Villagers: Peace is such a lovely state...

War can kill you son can hate.


Warriors: Fear! Lies! Smite and smote and pulverize.


Villagers: Here the simple life´s a delight.


Warriors: Pus and gore.


Villagers: Just you put your hand in mine,

sure your future´s on the line.


Warriors: You´ve a son you must a venge,

know you must extract revenge.


Villagers: You must know that when


Warriors: Don´t be put aside by beauty,

Xena you must do your duty.


Villagers: Hope died she freed you


All voices: Ah, ah, ah, ah....


Villagers: Peace!

Warriors: War!

Villagers: Peace!

Warriors: War!

Villagers: Peace!

Warriors: War!